Advanced Fastening Systems & Stud Welding Technology

WACOM Group was established in 2000. Starting up from a distributor of numerous leading international fastener brands, selling blind riveting products and welding studs & stud welder locally only, settled a foundation of specialized technical knowledge. Formally, the manufacturing factory was founded in 2009 after WACOM’s running for 9 years’ commenced development, manufactures and sells more than 30,000 fastening elements, tools and vehicle components for and to multiple sectors in series and to customer specification. There are more than 100 well-known long-term cooperation customers all over the world.

Nowadays, WACOM Group has become a leading international fastening technology and stud welding technology company with over 100 employees at 5 individual sites across China.

Aside from state-of-the-art production technology, reasonable qualified advice and perfectly coordinated logistics operations, Wacom offers its customers complete assemble solutions involving the use of leading global brands.

Wacom holds the spirit of the concept of specialized management on making nut-inserts and plowing the market since beginning, in addition to renovate advanced production machines, also equipping a lot of precise testing/measuring instrument to achieve the target of further more automatic production line & higher product quality. Besides, engineering department has established a standard working procedure for every working stations to follow up strictly. In other side, Wacom requests and monitors all sub-contractors to follow the same standard as well.

We do believe that high standard quality is the only way to be survival in business core competence of fastener field. It also ensures our distributors & users the biggest rights and indemnifications. Under the benignancy interaction of both producing and sales, there will be big growth in breadth and the reach to a result of win-win.

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