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WACOM RIVETING SYSTEM , We provide not only rivets but solutions!

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Open Type Blind Rivets

Standard blind rivets with prices advantage.Blind Side Riveting.For fast & simple installation.For the full automatic installation.High retaining force after riveting.Various colours.

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Automatic riveting machine

The nails are automatically transported to the riveting gun mouth through the pipeline. Ruiqiang automatic riveting machine can upgrade the traditional manual nail pulling operation to automatic operation. The combined mechanical arm can achieve unmanned operation and improve work efficiency exponentially.

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Welding machine

CD132 capacitive discharge stud welding machine, used for stud welding of aluminum exterior decorative plate, has completely replaced the same type of imported stud welding machine. The performance of this welding machine is stable after use, and the welding quality is better than similar imported products, and it has been highly appraised by customers.

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Welding nails

The welded nail belongs to a fastener with high strength and rigidity

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