Jack Blind Rivet Nuts

Jack rivet nut is specially designed for plastic parts, which has greater tensile strength. When the deformation area of rivet nut product opens like a petal, the stress area is increased, thus achieving the effect of increasing tensile resistance

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Blind Rivet Nuts Stainless Steel

High-speed , reliable and low-cost.High-quality and high-load capacity thread.

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Self-piercing Rivet

Multi-layer, multi-type material connection, no need to open holes in advance, improve corrosion resistance.

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Now-Lock Blind Rivet

Excellent hole filling property and vibration resistant effectare realized by rapidly expanded rivet body, which can pro-vide supplementary riveting for the irregular and over toler-ance holes, oval or malposition holes.

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Peel Type Blind Rivet

The "cracked" tail molding makes it to be ideally used forriveting of metal and wood, sheets or low-density plastics.

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