Sealed Type Blind Rivet

Fully sealed fastener which provides the weather resistancefastener.

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Hem-Firm Blind Rivets

High shearing strength and tensile strength which can pro-vide the solid and vibration resistant connection.

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Short Tail Rivet

The short end rivet is an improved product based on the large standard common rivet.

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Mono-Lock Structural Rivet

Excellent hole filling property and vibration resistant effectare realized by rapidly expanded rivet body, which can pro-vide supplementary riveting for the irregular and over toler-ance holes, oval or malposition holes.

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WS Bolt Brazier Head

Large grip range reduces the inventory of fasteners and sim-plifies the inventory control and is adaptable to the scope ofwidth of sheet material thickness.High shear and tensile strength of high-strength assembly.

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