WS Bolt Large Head

High shear and tensile strength of high-strength assembly.The high-strength controlled riveting provides the excellentvibration resistance.Rapid installation for large-scope application.

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Multi-grip Blind Rivet

Good hole filling which can provide the solid and vibrationresistant connection. Be able to provide supplementary riveting for irregular andover tolerance hole, or oval holes.

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Tri-Firm Blind Rivets

Ideal choice of sheet material to provide high tensile load

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Uni-grip Blind Rivets

High shearing strength and tensile strength which can pro-vide the solid and vibration resistant connection. Provide the large blind side bearing area to be close to rearplate. - The mandrel pressure bearing load/riveting load are dispersed on the blind side sheets which makes it to beideally used in sheet materials.

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WS Rivet 90°

Large grip range reduces the inventory of fasteners and sim-plifies the inventory control and is adaptable to the scope ofwidth of sheet material thickness.

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